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Reference: Heroes of Mana - Generation Two

Oldwyne:  an Onion Knight who was known primarily for his spherical vision that could see for miles on end.  He was rumored in life to, under intense strain and prior heavy meditation, be able to see the world and view into the darkest corners of the farthest and deepest caverns (though obviously he couldn't do all this at once since he has to focus on a point like any other person).  He was a true master swordsman, having copied Elazul's variation of the Jumi Sword Dance, modified it, and improved it heavily.  Outside of Elazul, there was nobody who could compete with him in swordplay.  He valued speed and swiftness above all else, and as a result generally lacked power--he would later lament his weakness by being completely useless against the Mana God Beasts, unable to penetrate their thick, armored hides.

Like all Onion Men, he could produce multiple limbs and regrow, only because of his own power, he could regrow limbs near-instantaneously, and he's one of the VERY few Onion Men who could regrow his own head and any vital organ.  He also possessed a third eye that allowed him to see into the minds and hearts of others, and, unfortunately, he became a jaded individual.  Distraught by those who sought to only use the Goddess for power (Onion Men follow the Goddess absolutely and consider Her their mother, developing the appropriate affection even), he would eventually abandon the group when it came to wield the Mana Sword.  He would later return, though, at the beckoning of the Goddess Herself, and he would sacrifice his life to protect Elazul and Nunuzac.  In death, he was granted the title of a Wisdom, and he was appointed gatekeeper of the Underworld.

Elazul would later forge an oath with Oldwyne, allowing the Jumi to use him as a summonable ally.  The Underworld is where he currently resides, dead, but still very much alive.

Nunuzac:  considered the most powerful conjurer on Fa'Diel, Nunuzac surprisingly had no interest in his main skill.  His preference was instead curses and anti-curses, and he frequently theorized what it would mean to curse the Goddess (Elazul would ultimately later do this very feat, basing the skill of his ability entirely on Nunuzac's research), or really any immortal, and he frequently drafted up ideas that turned into magical paradoxes.  His most well-known feat was destroying the curse of the Beetle Armor, the most powerful armor ever forged that granted its wearer invulnerability to any harm or illness, but once the wearer took it off, the wearer became nothing more than a beetle--all magic and physical power lost--and just as easily squashed.  Nunuzac was able to don the armor himself and then take it off and retain his normal form.

Unfortunately, his curiosity got the better of him, and, in a freak accident that occurred during an experiment he and Paladir were trying to perform, his body was switched with that of a mere throw rug.  He retained his ability to move, think, and speak, but it was as limited as the rug could ripple about.  In spite of this, he was able to, with absolutely no magical power at all in that rug, craft the ability to teleport to any location he had memory of, another testament to his prowess.

Though no longer able to use magic other than teleporting (and only himself), he would still prove a valuable asset to the other heroes.  Nunuzac has a clarity in teaching one, anyone, no matter how dimwitted or inexperienced, to use very powerful magics that should have been impossible in their own right.  And so during the final battle against the Goddess's avatar, it was his guidance that led everyone to victory as he shouted commands left and right.  If nothing else, Nunuzac is also certainly an accomplished tactician and more than mastered the art of war on theoretical, strategic, and tactical standpoints.

Nunuzac currently is a professor at the Geo Academy, a small school that tries to teach underprivileged students the ways of magic.  His lessons are on curses and conjurations.

Demitri Paladir:  known simply as "Paladir," his name's legacy is truly a marvel.  The Paladir family is well-known as the creator of magic, the creators of all magical styles, and the pioneers of all magical research.  Everything known about magic has come from the Paladirs.  Demitri, hereafter Paladir, fathered Necromancy.  One would expect this would make him a fairly dark, morbid individual.

On the contrary, Paladir was a connoisseur of the arts, romanticism, and a real social, charismatic man.  He was quite the charmer, too, a trait he would pass on to his finest student Cirius Morlock.  Rather than being gloomy in a dark corner, Paladir fancied himself ballroom dancing, took up fencing (of which he was exceptionally skilled at), and almost always had a woman or two on his arm or arms.  He was charitable, too, and he happily took on any student strange enough to want to learn the art of the dead.  Unfortunately, for all his nobility (of which there was a lot), and all his intellect (of which there was a lot), he was strangely naive, and he was forced to kill most of his own students who turned out to be the evil sort once they had gone on their way.

When the world was in danger, it was actually Paladir who jumped at the chance of bringing about peace, and he was the one who united all the heroes.  He also frequently acted as mediator, since not everyone was willing to get along at first.

Generous and playful though he was, he was a fierce warrior.  Though merely a fencer, because of his heritage and the magical secrets he no doubt knew, he was capable of splitting spells in half with only his blade (a feat nobody could do beforehand, not even Elazul, who in fact learned the skill from Paladir), and singlehandedly he brought down five of the nine Mana God Beasts, and he played a significant role in the felling of two others.  He never underestimated his foe, and in fact Elazul held him with high regard, saying the secret to Paladir's strength was Paladir's infinitely assuming that he was always weaker, dumber, or slower than his foe, even when the discrepancies in skill were glaringly obvious.

Paladir also has the unique title of being the only one to have ever bested Elazul in a mock duel, though it was by no means an easy feat.

However, during the final battle against the Goddess's avatar, something inside of Paladir snapped.  In one mere instant, everything he ever was vanished, and in his stead was a crazed, paranoid madman who no longer desired the company of others.

Paladir is currently missing, and it's unknown whether he's even alive or not.

Evelyn:  a curious sort, half-Elf, half-Mermaid, and the only female of the group.  She was a master of Undine magics (water-elemental), and peculiarly never used an ice spell once in her life.  She was looked upon by the others as a wildfire, really temperamental, and frequently berated the others with abusive language.  Considering the calmed nature of most water users, she definitely puzzled the other men.  Well, except Paladir, with whom she had a brief tryst with.

In spite of how frequently she abused and berated the others, particularly Elazul who didn't speak much and thus was always "easy pickings," she was fiercely loyal, and this actually gave the group of heroes numerous problems.  They found it hard to hold title of "noble men and women" when Evelyn was frequently chasing after others and nearly drowning them for so much as scoffing at some of their members, among other things, all of which were only barely stopped at the last minute by one of the other men.

Still, she was a valuable member, and because she had no physical prowess, she was frequently under the protection of the others while she stayed back and used her water magic.  She was powerful enough that she could summon a mighty tidal storm in the middle of the desert, but she was largely unfocused (usually because of her anger), and every now and then one of her allies was caught up in one of her spells.  Sometimes, though, it was just assumed she did it on purpose.

She would be the one to land the final blow on the Goddess's avatar, however.  Nunuzac was able to get her to manipulate the infinite mana of Yggdrasil to amplify her power, and the end result was that she quite literally drowned the entire realm.  She died in the process, though, but was reborn as Seraph, the Angel of Love, which she currently holds the title of and enjoys immortality.

Elazul was the only one not surprised by this turn of events.  Ever the "mind reader," Elazul's description of her about the rest of them was quite impacting:  "Nobody ever cared for us the way she did.  Not your family, not your friends; her love was infinite.  And she was never afraid to show it--you were just afraid to see it."

Indeed, Evelyn, in spite of everything she put them through, not once did she ever stutter in her stance with all of them, and once everyone got to thinking about it, she really was the glue that held them all together.

Elazul:  the final member, the oldest member, one of the first Jumi ever created, Elazul earned the nickname "The Wandering Duelist" by virtue of being considered one of the greatest fighters in all of history and a complete refusal to stay in one spot.  Much of his history will be ignored for the purposes of this post.

Elazul was the last to be recruited, and he was very reluctant to do so for reasons that to this day still remain a mystery.  He was perhaps not only the most skilled of all of them but also the most fortunate; he was trained by a demigod of combat in every known style that was and ever will be, both physical and magical.  There is quite literally nothing Elazul doesn't know, and his age and experience has allowed him to be nothing short of invincible.  Still, his weaknesses lie in the fact that his actual physical and magical prowess are nothing spectacular--many fighters out there are stronger than he is, faster than he is, or capable of greater spells than he is.

He was the quietest of the group, only speaking when something needed to be said, and he was the most tolerant of everyone, particularly of Evelyn's verbal abuses and Oldwyne's jaded attitude.  He wasn't the most liked because of his tendencies toward isolationism, but nobody ever felt more secure in their surviving some battle than when he stood there right next to him, and for good reason.

Elazul is well known to carry with him two blades.  One is an obscenely giant sword--Evelyn frequently joked that he was overcompensating, that is until Elazul just decided to show her how wrong she was--which Elazul uses all the time.  The other, less noticed (the party wasn't even aware of it until the battle against Zable Fahr, Mana God Beast of Darkness, and the last to be slain) is a small scimitar, which Elazul actually declares is his "primary" weapon, apparently not fully understanding what "primary" means.  Elazul keeps this blade at his side at all times, and he only ever draws it when a battle becomes much too serious, and he knows that if he doesn't start putting 100% of his ability in, someone could very well die.

Elazul only uses one fighting style when wielding his scimitar, however, and that is the fighting style of the Jumi, which is dangerous and was banned because the style literally kills the practitioner.  His master taught him to use it with only "serious but nonfatal" damage done to his body and Core, and it's his guarantee of victory.  After the battle against Zable Fahr, Elazul was actually incapacitated for three weeks while he recovered (a Jumi of his age can generally recover even the most serious of wounds in only two or three days).

Against the Goddess's avatar, Elazul had to wield his scimitar a second time, though at least then he was only trying to buy Evelyn and Nunuzac some time, so he didn't over-exert himself, and he was only incapacitated for one full day after.

Elazul, as described by Paladir, was the "flawed sage."  That is, whenever Elazul spoke, he was always correct, and there was great wisdom in everything he said.  However, the group was largely disorganized and bickering, so nobody paid him much attention.  This was made moreso by the fact that Elazul isn't one to speak above others--if someone wants to hear him, they will, and if not, they won't, and they'll have missed their chance.

He was also surprisingly fatherly, or he seemed to come off that way to others.  During regular training sessions, he was always there to carefully guide others to perfection, and he had such a striking knowledge of all things that he was perhaps the only reason the group ever became powerful enough to actually defeat the Goddess's avatar, in spite of everyone else's strengths.

Only Paladir was considered his "superior" when it came to fighting and magic, and even though he didn't use his scimitar in the mock duel against Paladir, he acknowledges that even if he had, not only would Paladir have won but the battle might have become so intense that Elazul might have died accidentally.

He currently now wanders with the new group, only with the times having changed, he is perhaps not the most powerful one anymore...




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