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Reference: Element Chart & Important Notes

Primary Elementals and Oriental Suffixes

Fire - Salamander - Ka
Water - Undine - Sui
Wind - Jinn - Fuu
Earth - Gnome - Do
Light - Wisp - Yuu
Dark - Shade - Mei
Wood - Dryad - Moku
Metal - Aura - Ko
Moon - Lumina - Getsu

Subelementals and Oriental Suffixes

Sun - Amaterasu - Hi
Ice - Celsius - Hyo
Lightning - Rai - Volt
Sand - Sutekh - Sa
Heaven - Aska - Sei
Hell - Shadow - Aku
Life - Origin - Sai
Gravity - Maxwell - Juu
Omni - Sekundes - Men

Elemental Combinations and Oriental Suffixes

Fire + Water = Boil - Fut
Fire + Wind = Scorch - Shaku
Fire + Earth = Lava - Yo
Water + Wind = Storm - Ran
Water + Earth = Mud - Dei
Wind + Earth = Dry - Kan
Dark + Light = Void - Ie

Elemental Upgrades and Oriental Suffixes

Fire + Sun = Explosion - Baku
Water + Ice = Crystal - Shou
Wind + Lightning = Sky - Kuu
Earth + Sand = Dust - Jin
Light + Heaven = Aura - Kyou
Dark + Hell = Blaze - En
Wood + Life = Restoration - Nao


The Paladir family was the first to experiment with elemental configurations.  They were the first to suppose the idea that not only focused concentrations of elements existed, dubbed subelements, but that there even existed a "sub"-Elemental that, like the Elementals, acted as catalysts in magic forming, making for easier spell casting and mana manipulations.

They were also the first to combine elements to create spells that appeared to perfectly blend the two respective elements at once, forcing a "merging" of the Elementals such that a totally new class of magic was born.

They also then proceeded to try and upgrade magic by using the same logic as the above--mix two Elementals in a perfect harmony, only this time an Elemental with its subelemental.  However, at the time, the subelementals were not proven to exist, and so the specific wavelengths needed to reach them were impossible to know.  In the end, 100% of results proved disastrous.

Ultimately, it was Cirius who took their research and ideas and proved every single one of them, including the existence and the proper wavelengths of the subelementals.  He then singlehandedly pioneered the "elemental upgrade" research, done jointly with Mephianse and the Oriental Elves.

Mephianse, of course, is well-known as the master of all elements with a propensity even greater than Cirius's, though he completely lacks everywhere else.  But then, this is elemental research.

The Oriental Elves, however, much like Cirius and all Psions, are incapable of magic.  Where Cirius invented the wand that allowed for "wizardry," the Elves crafted the hand seals.  Of course, the only reason they ever were important to anything was because Cirius had produced a son with one Elf, and so he spent a great deal of time with their kind.  Fortunate, though, that Cirius did choose to do so--had the events never happened, hand signs wouldn't exist, magic would be reserved solely to those with wands and natural talents, Akura "Aki" Ross would have never taken an interest in it, he would then never have developed the "Lifetime of Handsigns" spell, and he and Tempest would not have been able to stop Lazale from destroying the entire space-time continuum (though, it was possible Adam's two students could have eventually succeeded) and erasing all of existence that ever was, is, and would be.

Current known users of Hand Signs who favor them in place of standard spellcasting, in order of expertise and mastery:





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